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Your guide to succeed in band.


I’m a band director and I know how important music education can be to make people’s lives better. I struggled to find great resources for beginning band students even when parents and students were asking for them. I am on a mission to help improve the resources available to beginning band students and their parents.

Music and the Brain

This video gives some interesting insight into how music can positively make changes to your child’s brain. This is so cool! Take a look.

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Practicing: A Reason Your Child Doesn’t Want To

Practicing can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it is just work. Most band students go through spurts of practicing a lot and then spurts of practicing a little. This is normal for any musician.

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The Top 5 ways Parents can Help their Child Succeed in Band

Being a band parent isn’t always easy…especially if you have never been in band and want to help your child. From a parents perspective, you may feel a little lost for how you can help when you don’t know anything about music.

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Parents need resources, too,

and Band Companion is here to help.

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