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Helping band students one parent at a time.

Band Companion began as an idea. How can band students continue to improve? What kind of support to children need to be successful?

Many great resources exist for band directors to help students succeed with innovative ideas. An entire community of band directors share resources and ideas. This is really impressive, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. We believe parents want and need more information to make band a great experience for their child.

Band directors hear from parents all the time asking questions and requesting guidance. Band Companion was created to offer support and resources to parents who wish they had more information to support their child in band.

Dillon Jarrett

Band Director & Creator of Band Companion

Hello! My name is Dillon Jarrett and I am a band director on a mission to help students succeed and I need your help.

I have learned over the past ten years that no matter what I do in the classroom some students are more successful than others. I wanted to know why. I have worked with hundreds of students and I believe that what happens at home makes a critical difference in a student’s level of success. Parents can help children succeed by being informed and involved in their music education. I am sharing some of my best information to help parents help their child. We all share the goal of helping students succeed. I hope the articles provided here will allow us to work together and help you to play an active role in your child’s music education.



Articles are written with parents in mind. You need information to help your child succeed.



Find the resources you need with a simple search.


Articles are always written by experienced and qualified band directors.



Join the conversation. Share your thoughts, concerns, and questions on any article.

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