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How can Band Companion help your students?


Band Companion provides resources to parents and students. Our goal is to help you by offering supplemental materials for your band program.


Articles for Parents

Practice Lessons for Students

Solo Literature for Beginners

Discounts for Directors to Share

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Parents need resources, too, and Band Companion is here to help you provide them.


Our Practice: Set up for Success! video course helps students develop strong practice skills.


Band Companion offers solos for beginners!

Practice Skills

The solos are divided into Levels that go along with what students are already learning in your class.

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Give Students Access

Sign up and get an access code for each student to take the Practice: Set up for Success! video lessons. At the end of each lessons, students receive a certificate of completion.

Solo Literature for Beginners

Finding supplemental material for beginners is tough. Most solo literature is too difficult for students until they have mastered the skills in book one.

Our solos are developmentally appropriate for students beginning after the first few pages of standard band methods. 

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